Janod Dino Surprise Eggs

SKU: J05834

Adorable hidden-surprise eggs! But what will we find inside? Sweet baby dinosaurs in need of a mum or dad to take care of them!

These dinosaur eggs contain 3 very cute wooden species: a diplodocus, triceratops and T-rex which will be the heroes of the extraordinary adventures that your child will want to invent! Each egg opens in half, thanks to a horizontal opening system that will help develop the dexterity of little ones aged 18 months and up.

The 3 solid wood eggs in this game come in 3 different colours, which correspond to the 3 dinosaurs inside.

A pretty felt flower is also provided so that the eggs can be laid in a comfortable position, ready to be hatched! FSC®-certified wooden toy.

Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.6 x 7.6cm